Anna-Lena Ahlgren – Application & Business Process Responsible

Tell us about your role at Lindex!
I work as Application & Business Process Responsible for the Digital Asset Management (DAM) area. In my role as Application Responsible I develop and maintain our systems mainly within the DAM area together with our implementation partners. As Business Process Responsible I work close to the business developers and coordinate the IT parts of the product enrichment processes, which also includes DAM.

Can you give some examples of projects that you are a part of?
We are working with many exciting projects right now! For example, introducing a new digital media optimising platform and creating our own photo studio.

Which innovative solutions do you think Lindex will work with in three years?
In the retail industry, there is always something going on and we have to adapt fast to the changes around us. In three years Lindex will definitely continue to deliver innovative costumer focused solutions. We work in a data-driven company and I think that this will be even more in focus in the future. We will continue to look at new solutions for advanced measurement methods and continuously evaluate and improve our costumer experience.

What is important when it comes to characteristics of future colleagues?
I think it’s important that you, for any position, are a curious, positive and open-minded person. A person who is not afraid of change, who sees opportunities instead of problems. The commitment from employees at Lindex in general is very high, so it’s an important factor. If you have a passion for driving improvements, more specifically digital transformation and interest in new innovations and techniques, then this is the place to be.

What are the best things about working at Lindex?
There are challenging and varying work tasks with great freedom performed in an inspiring work environment. The colleagues are very helpful and the team spirit is high. Lindex is a company which looks ahead and the future is very exciting with lots of interesting projects and releases.