Animal fibres and material

Lindex support animal welfare and all of our suppliers are required to follow our Animal Welfare policy, which states that animal welfare shall be respected in all stages of producing our garments. Lindex is part of the Swedish Trade Federation network on animal welfare that advocates for animal welfare in the fashion industry.


Down and feathers in Lindex products come from birds raised for the food industry. We do not accept feathers picked from live birds. Also, our clothes do not contain down from endangered or wild birds.


At Lindex we do not use genuine fur, we are a Fur Free Alliance listed retailer.


Leather used in Lindex products comes from animals that are bred for the food industry. Since 2012 most Lindex leather belts have been produced in Sweden using leather from the EU. The leather in our belts is vegetable-tanned in France or Italy, which means that no chrome is used in the tanning process.


Wool can have many advantages such as being warm, soft, non-wrinkling and lustrous and can live a long time if cared for properly. We use several types of wool such as cashmere, alpaca and merino. In accordance with our Animal Welfare policy, we do not tolerate the use of wool that has been plucked or shaved from live animals in a way that causes the animal harm or suffering. Angora wool is banned in our products. We have decided to phase out mohair in our products by 2020 at the latest. Lindex do not accept mulesing. Lindex suppliers must be able to ensure that their wool does not come from sheep that have been exposed to mulesing.


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