From idea to wardrobe

From idea to wardrobe

Each garment has a story behind it. A feeling. An expression. A new born fashion idea that wants to become wearable. With the latest trends, people and environment in mind, Lindex deliver a world class fashion experience.

The idea for that dress you are wearing was perhaps born at a fashion show in New York or during a trip to Tokyo. Join us on our journey where we talk about our thirst for creative expressions and how we create fashion for our customer, from idea to wardrobe.


At the head office in Gothenburg our designers work in teams together with purchasers, assistants and pattern designers and realise creative ideas into finished products. The inspiration comes from all around the world and our purchasing teams are constantly monitoring the surrounding world to pick up on upcoming trends. Inspiration is the starting point to all garments and it comes from street fashion, films, journeys, different cultures, media, fashion shows and much more. Overall themes are often planned up to a year in advance, while the latest trends are picked up at short notice.

Design is a craftsmanship but the digital development has been strong also in this area and our designers are at the forefront. The mobile and digital technology entails a smoother, more efficient way of working and enables easy, quick consensus and adjustments. This saves valuable time which instead can be used to develop new products and amazing graphic patterns.

Our Scandinavian heritage is evident in our collections and we always work to combine quality, great fit, value for money and the right fashion feel. Our fashion is created with sustainability in mind. By making the right choices in the design stage we can achieve a sustainable difference both in the production process as well as the finished product.

Above and beyond the fantastic work of our in-house designers, we have during the years also collaborated with external designers such as Missoni, Matthew Williamson and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Assortment planning

Our designers create each individual garment using a detailed computer sketch of the garment. Together with the assortment manager they decide when the garments should be available in store and what quantity to produce. The garment technician makes a size list based on the designer’s sketches. The purchasers get a so called quality sample – a sample or piece of cloth of exactly the quality that the designer wants – to be able to source the right supplier of material. Our production offices in India, China, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Turkey, Myanmar and Pakistan are responsible for placing the order with the right supplier. They make sure that the goods are manufactured at the right price, are delivered at the right time and that production takes place under good working conditions.

About one to four weeks after selecting the supplier a first sample of the garment arrives to the head office, which is tested by the designer, garment technician and purchasing assistant. Is the garment of the right quality, colour and size? The garment is tested on a fitting model, on whom you directly see whether the garment needs to be adjusted. Maybe you will move a pocket or add a button. After alterations, we order samples in all sizes to be tested. When everything is ok and has the right look it’s time for a so called final sample and once that has been approved the production starts.


We do not own any factories but work with independent suppliers and factories around the world. Our on-site Lindex staff work alongside local factory employees to ensure our designs are achieved under the best operating methods. Throughout the Lindex production process, we follow a strict in-house quality control process. Wherever in the world our Lindex production team may be, we have social responsibility in mind, and our goal is to deliver the best possible product with the least environmental impact.

On the factory floor, we begin by knitting the fabrics we use. The knitted fabric is then passed on to the dyeing station to create the unique Lindex look. The dyed fabric is formed as the finished garment begins to take shape. The craftsmanship involved in producing the maximum number of garments out of each piece of fabric is a true art and one that we value greatly, making our fashion both sustainable and affordable.

At the printing station, each item is individually handled with care and accuracy. The pieces are then stitched together and finalised and attention to detail is an instrumental part of the production process. The design that was once an idea has now become a reality. From there, the finished product is pressed to perfection and labelled.

Delivery and launching

The finished garments are sent from the factories to Lindex distribution centre in Partille, close to Gothenburg in Sweden. From there the majority of all garments are delivered directly to our stores. The rest is stored at our warehouse and distributed in small quantities on demand. In total we distribute around 80 million garments per year. By securing that the right garment is at the right place at the right time we make sure that you as our customer find inspirational and fashionable news every time you visit a Lindex store or Online shop. Our new collections are launched with online campaigns and in store, commercials, billboards, social media and advertising, for example. Each campaign is unique and intended to affect, surprise and inspire.

Stores and e-commerce

Lindex is an international fashion chain with approximately 490 stores on 18 markets. Approximately 40 of these are franchise who help us reach even more fashion conscious women. In 30 countries customers are also able to shop in Lindex e-commerce. No matter where you meet us we offer a wide assortment and several fashion concepts within women´s wear, kids’ wear, lingerie and cosmetics.

We want every customer to experience a seamless, unified and world class shopping experience whenever and wherever she meets us. Through dedicated digitalisation work Lindex has become a strong omni channel actor. By combining our different channels we make it simple and user friendly for our customer to be inspired and to shop. For example we offer a smart shopping app, Order in Store and Instagram shop.

The stores are at the heart of our business and we want you to have a welcoming, inspiring, easy and convenient shopping experience. Our 5 000 employees meet customers on a daily basis and for the ultimate shopping experience we offer Personal Shopping in a number of stores. With this service we assist the customer in finding the products and style that is right just for her.

The store interior highlights our assortment and contributes to creating a world class fashion experience. Our latest interior concept consists of light colors, different shades of white and touches of black and wood to give it a Scandinavian feel. In addition, red accents and details throughout the store reflect the brand’s trademark and logo. The simplicity of the interior and the sustainable design and quality are other details that reflect the Lindex brand ethos.

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The news

Lindex invests in start-up – new underwear brand Closely

Lindex joins as partner in Closely, a new Swedish underwear brand for women. The partnership is part of Lindex's work to create new growth opportunities. Behind Closely are two of Sweden's best-known creatives, Tove Langseth and Filip Nilsson. 
November 15, 2019

Lindex’s customers raise 969 000 EUR to cancer research

With great commitment, pride and a specially designed collection, Lindex has together with its customers raised 969 000 EUR to cancer research.
November 12, 2019

Lindex recalls snap-on bracelet with a cat head

We have discovered that a snap-on bracelet with a cat head is incorrectly constructed and does not meet Lindex’s safety requirements. The metal component inside the bracelet is not properly protected which means that its sharp edges may pose a risk of injury. 
November 6, 2019

Lindex increases sales and maintains its strong result

Lindex is performing well, as indicated by its interim result and sales from the third quarter. The fashion company maintains its strong performance, demonstrating improved result and increased sales in all markets. 
October 30, 2019

Lindex in collaboration with Something Borrowed

Lindex starts renting out clothes and through their business Something Borrowed, they give their customers the opportunity to rent premium garments from the fashion company’s Extended collection.
October 24, 2019

Lindex launches new code of conduct with focus on gender equality

Lindex launches the ‘Lindex Code of Conduct’ with a strong focus on gender equality. The new code of conduct makes Lindex one of the first major fashion companies to integrate gender equality in its basic requirements for textile production and all business partnerships.
October 15, 2019

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