We make fashion feel good

‘We make fashion feel good’ is Lindex communication concept, it is our way of expressing the Lindex brand, what we stand for and what we offer our customers.

The concept was launched in spring 2016 with the Lindex Manifesto focusing on the different aspects of our brand. We want our customer to feel good everyday about the clothes she buys and wears and in the meeting with us. We are proud of many things at Lindex – our inspiring and affordable fashion, our quality, fit our great customer service that makes it easy to shop.

Another important part of our business is the work we do within sustainability and the actions we take to ensure that our fashion is made in a responsible way. We are committed to making 80 percent of our clothes from sustainable sources by 2020, and when we reach 80 we will try for 90.

Women play a big role in keeping our business moving. Many of Lindex customers and employees as well as the people working with the production of our clothes are women. We therefore focus our social engagement on projects that empower women and their children around the world. This is why we are committed to a number of great causes that work with women around the world.

Read the whole Lindex Manifesto here.

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