Wash & dry

Wash & dry

A large part of the environmental impact originates from our habits and approach around the garment care. The number of washes, laundry load, washing temperature, detergent dosing and drying method affect the consumption of energy and water as well as the quantity of effluent.

Besides the care instruction placed in each garment, a number of advices to make the garments last as long as possible and to reduce environmental impact with simple means, are listed below.

Not washing too often

We often wash our clothes when they are not even very dirty. Sometimes airing out and brushing the garment is sufficient, and this helps to make them last longer. Small stains can be easily scraped or carefully wiped off with a damp cloth.

Filling the washing machine

Only wash if the machine is full.

Lower the washing temperature

We always state the highest allowed temperature on the garment. But choose a lower washing temperature such as 30°C or 40°C in order to save energy. About half as much energy is required for a washing program at 40°C as a 60°C program.

Not overdosing detergent

Your wash will still be clean. Too much detergent can result in a poor wash and it may be difficult for the washing machine to rinse out the clothes. Find out if you have hard or soft water in your area and follow the instructions on the detergent package. Soft water does not require as much detergent as hard. Preferably use an eco-labelled detergent.

Not using fabric softener

Fabric softeners are not just an unnecessary cost; they also contribute to unnecessary use of chemicals.

Letting your clothes air-dry

Driers and drying cabinets are energy-intensive, so you should let your clothes air dry. Though, do not dry in direct sunlight as colors can fade.

Only dry-clean if you must

Very few of our garments require dry-cleaning. For the garments that require dry-cleaning because of their material or accessories, we recommend that you use the alternative that has the smallest environmental impact.

Removing clean laundry from the machine asap

Remove the clean laundry from the machine as soon as the washing program is completed, otherwise there is a risk of washing stripes or discoloration.

Shape when damp

Stretch and shape while the garments is damp.

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