The organisation

The organisation

Lindex is a vision and value driven organisation with a matrix organisation in which the CEO appoints the members of the executive management team and the country managers.

The executive management team consists of the Concept & Marketing, Finance & Expansion, Purshase & Design, Production, Communications/HR/CSR, IT and Logistics.

As a vision and value driven organisation, managers of the executive management team are responsible for their department’s support, training and best practice.

Country managers have overall responsibility for sales, profitability and all departments in their country, working efficiently towards Lindex vision – World-class fashion experience.

Lindex Board of Directors
Chairman Lauri Veijalainen, CEO Stockmann
Eva Hamilton, Senior Advisor Arholma landsort, former CEO SVT
Rossana Mariano, CEO and founder RMPR
Tracy Stone Munn, Global Sales Director L.K Bennet
Susanne Najafi, Entrepreneur and founder BackingMinds
Employee Representatives: Caroline Kull Magnusson and Ann-Britt Neckvall
Deputies: Clary Erenman and Cecilia Dahlström

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