Social responsibility

Social responsibility2015201420132012201120102009
Total number of employeesDecrease4935518850964856453647094691
Number of employees converted to full-time equivalents (1)Increase3325323731963275315832162928
Gender breakdown in the group - women % (2)Neutral95.70%95.40%96.00%96.00%96.00%96.00%96.00%
Gender breakdown in the group - men % (2)Decrease4.30%4.60%4.00%4.00%4.00%4.00%4.00%
Percentage of females in the management group % (2)Decrease57.14%67%57.00%56.00%56.00%56.00%56.00%
Percentage of males in the management group % (2)Increase42.86%33.00%43.00%44.00%44.00%44.00%44.00%
Number of violations to the code of ethicsNeutral0000215-
Number of suppliers (3)Decrease160190196250250250250
Number of factories used by our suppliers (3)Decrease290350360600518400400
Percentage of Lindex suppliers covered by the Code of Conduct (%). (4)Neutral100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
Number of factory inspections during the year (5)Decrease283340246272271270274
Percentage of Lindex suppliers who reach the highest level in the BSCI code (% in relation to EUR).Decrease33.50%36.60%35.00%39.00%40.00%49.00%54.00%
Number of seminars and workshops for Lindex suppliers during the year (6)Increase35254154---
Number of reported cases of child labour (7)Neutral0000200
Support to the fight against breast cancer (MSEK) (8)Neutral12.212.510.515.
(1) The primary reason for part-time positions is that Lindex prioritises being able to give custumers the best service in the store's most attractive opening hours.
(2) Lindex believes in equal opportunities and takes care to be a company that is attractive to both women and men. We value and work for equality of opportunity within the company and can show an equal balance in appointments to management positions.
(3) Lindex does not own any factories or manufacturing facilities. We work with external suppliers who are responsible for production.
(4) Suppliers which have signed contracts with Lindex are subject to regular Code of Conduct audits and ongoing follow-ups.
(5) A total of 283 inspections were carried out at Lindex suppliers in 2015. Lindex own inspectors performed 114 of the inspections, and 115 were performed by external audit companies. Less number of audit compare to previous year mainly due to a) less number of factories, b) waited for updated/new BSCI code of conduct.
(6) In 2015 a total of 35 training events were arranged for Lindex suppliers under the auspices of Lindex and BSCI. The training events focused mainly on the following: Fire Safety, Compensation & Working hours, Health & Safety Management and Rights and Responsibilities of Workers.
(7) During 2015 no cases of child labour was reported.
(8) In 2015 Lindex boosted the fight against breast cancer funding through a range of activities; 10% of all sales during a Saturday in October and 10% of all sport bra sales of throughout October was donated. Sales of scented candles, lip gloss and the annual Pink Ribbon, also contributed greatly to this year’s donation.

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