Sara Winroth – Sustainability Manager

How did you start at Lindex and how have you grown within the Company so far?

-My background is within Textile engineering and I’m also a teacher in mathematics and Natural science. I joined Lindex in spring 2002, starting as a Quality Technician and Purchase Developer, where one of my first assignments was testing and ensuring that potential new and existing garments fulfilled Lindex product quality requirements.

-Before my current role as Sustainability Manager I have worked in many various roles such as buyer assistant in both Lindex Children’s- and Lingerie departments, purchase developer and as Social compliance coordinator in the supply chain/production countries.

What are the most inspiring responsibilities or tasks you have in your current role?

-It is when we understand and manage the challenges on all levels: global, local, topic related, how everything is interconnected and how to prioritize and balance profit, people and planet, driving the business forward with long term sustainability in mind. I’m so proud of all the people in our company that are truly dedicated and work hard to make Lindex a more sustainable company.

-Today I can truly say that we have the sustainability work integrated within the business, all the way from the strategic framework to action plans and routines that are implemented in our daily work. This was what we aimed for 15 years ago when the work started. Of course there is so much left to do, but we have created a strong foundation and framework to build on.

What are the biggest challenges?

-Oh there are so many challenges on many levels! The more you know, the more there is to Understand. The pressure on both planet and people will increase, so the challenges are never ending and we need to understand the new challenges we are facing ahead, in all areas. But I think we are well prepared and we are good at finding solutions, so I have great trust in all the great people at Lindex and the textile industry as a whole can manage this

-The challenge for me in my daily work as Sustainability Manager is the growing communication part of the role. Today communication has become more and more central and it is as important to be both good within your area as it is to be good at communicating it.

What is the best thing about working at Lindex?

-Everything (laugh!) That we are a value driven company with great employees working together. And of course that ‘Act sustainable’ is core to Lindex.