From idea to store

From idea to store

Each garment has a story to it. A fresh start. A newborn fashion idea that wants to become wearable. With the latest trends, the people and the environment in mind, our buyers and designers deliver a world class fashion experience. Read about the thirst for creative expression and the steps behind producing the dress you are wearing.

Creating a fashion idea

The idea may be born at a fashion show in New York or a trend-trip to Tokyo. A few months later it’s reality in our stores. In order to catch coming trends, Lindex purchasing teams observe the world around us. Every inch is based on inspiration. From street fashion, movies, trend-trips, different cultures, media, trend institutes, fairs and exhibitions, all part of the process, from idea to finished garment.

Fashion is both instant and planned for up to one year in advance. The constant search for trends is ongoing and it’s a fabulous never-ending task for both buyers and designers to know where fashion is headed. For every garment there is a team of designers, purchasers, assistants, pattern designers, a product manager and purchase controllers.

Line planning – designer’s sketch, quality sample and manufacturing

Our designers create each individual garment using a detailed computer sketch of the garment. Together with the product manager they decide on when the first sample gets to the store and what quantity to produce. The garment technician makes a size list based on the designer’s sketches. The purchasers get a so-called quality sample – a sample or piece of cloth of exactly the quality that the designer wants – to be able to source the right supplier of material. Our production offices in India, China, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Turkey and Pakistan are responsible for placing the order with the right supplier. They make sure that the goods are manufactured at the right price, are delivered at the right time and that production takes place under good working conditions.

Production – first sample, alteration and final garment

About one to four weeks after selecting the supplier a first sample of the garment arrives, which is tested by the designer, garment technician and purchasing assistant. Is the garment of the right quality, colour and size? The garment is tested on a fitting model, on whom you can see directly whether the garment needs to be adjusted. Maybe you’ll move a pocket or add a button. After alterations, we take home samples in all sizes to be tested by staff in the office. When everything is OK and looking fine it’s time for a so-called final sample.

Delivery and launching

Before long the garments then arrive at the Lindex distribution centre. From here the main share of all garments are distributed to our stores. The rest is put in storage and sent piecewise as required. In total we distribute around 80 million garments to our stores each year. We make sure that the right garment is in the right place at the right time so that you as a customer will find something new each time you visit your Lindex store. Our new fashion collections are launched through store campaigns, commercials, on billboards, advertisements, etc. Each campaign is unique and intended to touch surprise and inspire you as a cus

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