Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility2015201420132012201120102009
Total energy consumption (scope 1 and scope 2 in compliance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol) MWh (1)Decrease94 615 95,83493,74290,66392,580100,43198,355
Total direct energy consumption (Giga Joule) (2)Increase2 487 2,1422,9929,5969,571 - -
Total indirect energy consumption (MWh) (3)Decrease93 925 95,23992,91187,99789,330 - -
Electricity usage by store area (kWh/m2), (average) (4)Neutral110110107.0110.9116.4120.3-
Total emissions (tonnes of CO2e) (5)Decrease21,09722,01324,73724,93119,70020,84618,076
Co2 emissions in relation to turnover (tonnes of CO2e per million EUR) (6)Decrease32.333.836.
Percentage of air freight (%) (7)Decrease1.9%2.40%2.50%4.00%2.00%3.00%1.50%
Percentage of ocean freight (%) (8)Increase89.0%86.40%85.00%81.60%85.50%79.00%84.00%
Percentage of 'green' company vehicles (%) (9)Decrease20%21%20%88%65%--
(1) The results are based on actual measurements and on templates for units which do not come under the Lindex energy contract.
(2) The calculation for the total direct energy consumption (Scope 1) was changed in 2013 as fuel used in vehicles has been transfered to Scope 3. Thus are the figures not directly comparable between year 2012-2013.
(3) No significant changes in consumption. Changes are likely due to changes in applied country emission factors. The emissions have increased both due to changes in estimations of floor surface and emissions factors. The results are based on both actual measurements and estimated data, and may include uncertainties.
(4) All Lindex stores are included. Parts of the kWh consumption are estimated.
(5) Lindex total CO2 emissions include Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3. Total CO2 emissions decreased by 11 per cent compared to the previous year. Reduction in total emissions is mainly due to the decrease of air freight.
(6) The increase in turnover and a decrease in CO2 emissions have led to a positive result.
(7) We want to minimize the proportion of air freight.
(8) Our goal is to increase the proportion of ocean freight.
(9) January 1 2013 a tougher environmental classification of company vehicles was in force, which led to a negative decrease in the proportion of 'green' company vehicles at Lindex between the years 2012-2013.

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