Product care

Enjoy your fashion garments from Lindex, and take good care of them!


Bra with wire should be hand washed, otherwise there is a risk that the wire comes off and harms the washing machine.

Color may run

Be careful with light garments and furniture when a garment is given the additional text “Color may run” or “Color may run in wet condition”. This applies to e.g. dark denim, leather and suede or pigment dyed garments.

Dark denim

There is always a risk of excess dye in dark denim which is why the text “May run” is added. It depends on the dye, treatment and method during the dying process. The color of a denim garment may run throughout the life span even though, due to washing and usage, it will reasonably decrease over time. Be careful in contact with soft colored fabrics and furniture.


Tumble dry down garments for a long time at low temperature together with a few tennis balls in order to regain the original shape. The balls help to allocate the down evenly and make the garment fluffy.

Heavy knit

Heavy knit garments should be flat dried in order to maintain the shape.

Hand wash

The water temperature should not exceed 40˚C when hand washing. Dissolve the detergent properly. Avoid rubbing and wringing of the garment. Do not leave colored garments to soak.


The color and shine effect in printed garments may fade out after washing and over time. Wash and iron with reverse side out to maintain the effect as long as possible.


Viscose has a tendency to shrink when washed which is specified as additional text in the care instructions. Ironing after wash may reduce the shrinkage or even obtain original size.


The natural material in silk garments needs some extra care and detergent suitable for silk should be used.


Swimwear will last longer if rinsed after every use and dried before packing it. Do not let it dry in direct sunlight. Keep in mind that the protection offered by UV protected swimwear may be reduced with frequent use, if stretched or when wet. However, the requirements for protection against harmful UV-radiation are still met by a good margin.


Variations in color may occur when garments are dyed after sewing, as measurements may vary between hand knitted garments in the same size. These variations give the garments a unique look.

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