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Sienna Hearts Lindex campaign

Sienna Miller is the face of the Lindex spring 2016 campaign

Actress and style icon Sienna Miller is the face of the Lindex spring 2016 campaign Sienna Hearts Lindex; presenting luxurious everyday looks that flirt with glamorous 70s’ trends.

Lindex shows great progress for its more sustainable fashion

Lindex is top ten as one of the world's largest user of organic cotton and more sustainable materials like Lyocell and recycled polyester, according to Textile Exchange's latest report.

Lindex releases Sustainability Report for 2015

Today, Lindex sustainability report for 2015 is released. The report shows the company’s results of their dedicated work within the many areas of sustainability. Some of the highlights are; an increase...

Lindex expands commitment to textile workers’ rights

After a successful pilot in autumn 2015, Lindex expands their cooperation with QuizRR in order to increase knowledge amongst textile workers of their rights. QuizRR has in close cooperation with, Lindex...
Instagram Shop Lindex

Lindex launches shopable Instagram

Lindex launches the possibility to shop via Instagram. The initiative is part of the fashion companies focus on creating a seamless shopping experience across all channels.  It makes it easy and convenient ...
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